How to generate and making money by Viral PDF Generator

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

How to generate and making money by Viral PDF Generator

Adobe PDF (Portable Document Format) is one of the most popular for the distribution of information in ways printed electronically. But until now, there was no easy way to work to earn money from the content that is published in PDF format.

Ads recently announced the Adobe PDF Powered by Yahoo! Service program allows you to add a Pay Per Click (PPC) ads for PDF files in one click. You can earn money when readers click on one of the ads. You can not make a lot of money using this beta service, but it costs nothing to sign it and test it.
PDF seeks publishers
The new service is a logical extension of existing networks of online advertising, such as those run by Yahoo and Google, which distributes PPC ads for Web pages. With these networks, and business sign up for an account and then add code provided by the network to your web pages.

Ads for Adobe PDF software allows you to do the same with a lot of documentation in PDF format: After you sign up and make your PDF for processing, the service provides up to five ads provided by Yahoo in the right panel document. Ads do not mask the contents of the document in any way.
The service can be of particular value for the editor to create a lot of PDF, including articles, newsletters, and how content guides. You can distribute PDF files either by posting on the site or email.
With the Adobe PDF advertising

During the test period - that has no end date - a limited number of publishers based in the United States requesting account (Yahoo did not specify the exact number) was approved. Create an account costs nothing and no monthly fees. But should provide a good amount of information in your online application, including details on the number of new and existing PDF you want to provide for program files and the type of content you want to view.

In my tests represent Adobe created for the purpose of evaluation, the service is very easy to use, if any. I log in to my account, click the record button and PDF download PDF from the computer.

In the beginning, has been named the file to wait, noting that the service has been my PDF processing. But within minutes, I change the status of the file to the recorder, and soon received an e-mail with PDF modified to accept ads.

Service decided on the number of ads to display based on the seller has in PDF content in the application. Tested on PDF, the service put four or five text ads files. At first they were not advertisements of particular importance to the content of files to PDF "file PDF business software discussion after all display the same natural cosmetics Declaration in an hour or two, no. But the announcements were made more convenient for the changed software.
PDF file for each registered service announcements for a period of 180 days after the publisher has re-register file (the service notifies you by email when the PDF registration to end point). You may cancel the registration of a file at any time, ending to ad screens.

Restrictions on advertising services
advertising service has some limitations. You must be a PDF file, no more than 5 MB. Files can not contain content, such as references to drugs, war, or adult content.

You can not change the ad or as a bulletin board format. Most ad networks such as PPC advertising service identifies words, not the editor.

When the announcement PDF reader email allowing files to be opened, and the observations of pop sponsored added document content. And the reader is encouraged to allow the Internet to connect to the Adobe site on the web. If the player disagrees, no ads will be displayed. This emanates from PDF files do not appear to be related to a web page because it has already established an Internet connection in this case.

In the future, Adobe plans to integrate technology ad insertion in a part of your content creation software - perhaps InDesign or Acrobat - so that publishers do not have to use the portal to still allow PDF files.

How will win?
It enjoys PPC ads Adobe, Yahoo, and Split editor. Again, there is no guarantee that the publisher will gain anything from the PDF display ads.

How much you earn depends on how much advertisers pay for ads that are displayed with their content and how many readers click on them. To earn a lot of ads, you'll need to have a good PDF distribution network, such as a website that you visit frequently or large mailing list.

Benefits are paid after the minimum accumulation of $ 100 - unless you choose to pay by Paypal, in this case, you must earn at least $ 50 for wages.

Adobe is powered by Yahoo ads, easy to use cost effective service deserves evaluation by PDF editors. Service to extend the scope of the Yahoo network editorial and perhaps attract more advertisers to run Yahoo campaign. If nothing else, it shows that Google is not the only innovation in online advertising.

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